Local And Craft Brews

Think Globally, Drink Locally!  35th Star features an every changing selection of Craft Brew from all over the world; with several brewed right here in the Mountain State.

Fresh And Delicious

The 35th Star serves up fantastic late-night bar food, including our homemade pepperoni rolls.


Area's Best Live Music

The 35th Star prides itself in being one of Southern WV’s most active live music venues.  Our stage has seen amazing performances by artists from Roots Americana, Bluegrass, Jamband, Funk, Soul, and more!


Adventure Starts Here!

The 35th Star Bar & Grill is located on the campground of Cantrell Ultimate Rafting in Fayetteville WV.  Cantrell Ultimate Rafting is the last remaining family owned rafting company offering trips on the Upper / Lower New River, and Gauley River.  Click below to book a trip, and a cabin… Come see us at the 35th Star after a long day on the water!
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